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Wednesday, May 29 2013 - Three LRDC Athletes Compete at Speed River Inferno

Three London Runner Distance Club athletes competed yesterday at the Speed River Inferno. The races were delayed fifty minutes due to thunderstorms, but Ben Procter, Leslie Sexton and Aaron Hendrikx of LRDC went out and ran strong races.

First to get on the start line was Ben Procter in the first heat of the Men’s 1500m. Procter won his heat with an electric last half, finishing in 3:58.51, which is just over a second off his personal best time for the event. Procter has evidently gained some confidence for his upcoming races, as he reflects on his race:

“In the last 500 I took off and was able to hold on. I gained a lot of confidence from winning and from finishing very quickly. I’m definitely looking for some big PBs (personal bests) in my next few races!”

Next on the start line was Leslie Sexton in the Women’s 5,000m event. Sexton made a bold move with about 1400m to go in the race to break up the front of the race. Here is what Sexton had to say about her push:

At 3600m a gap opened in front of me so I made a big push to pick up the pace and try to drop the girls around me. I figured if I went before 4k and made a strong move, the other girls wouldn't cover it. It almost worked – at one lap to go I thought I had the thing won, but Andrea had a big last lap and I was rigging pretty badly in the last 300m.”

Sexton held on for third and finished with a personal best time of 16:11.71.

Aaron Hendrikx was the last LRDC athlete to toe the line in the Men’s 5,000m. Hendrikx worked together with two other athletes, Speed River’s Andrew Nixon and Athletics Toronto’s Hussein Hashi to keep up the initial hot pace of the race. No moves were made from the three until 600m to go – Hendrikx was able hang onto third place with a small personal best time of 14:11.16.

“The first 1000m of the race was a bit faster than I expected, but I still felt pretty good going through 3000m," said Hendrikx. "I was able to hang in tough the last 2000m of the race and I’m happy I finished with a personal best time!”

The next open competition for the London Runner Distance Club will be the highly anticipated Trackie Mania meet, taking place on Sunday, June 9th at TD Waterhouse Stadium.

Wednesday, May 22 2013 - 4th Annual London Distance Classic

The fourth edition of the London Distance Classic managed to avoid a thunderstorm, allowing races to continue in very calm but humid conditions. Hussein Hashi (Central Toronto AC), Mathew Walters (North Bay Legion) and Chris Dulhanty (Speed River) were the three men able to achieve the 2013 Canadian Track and Field Championship standard in the 5,000m of 14:25. Lindsay Carson (Athletics Toronto) was the lone woman to achieve the 2013 Canadian Track and Field Championship standard of 17:00 for the 5,000m by running 16:23.03.

Although no 800m Canadian Championship standards were met at the London Distance Classic, nine men ran under 1:53 in the Men’s 800m races. Matthew Jurysta (Speed River) won the top section of the 800 in 1:51.68 and Triphon Moodie (London Western) was second in 1:51.73 after Ben Procter (London Runner) paced the first lap in 53 seconds. Tommy Lecours placed third overall with a big run out of the 2nd section, clocking 1:51.81. Celia Peters (Halifast) won the Women’s 800m race in 2:10.16, Lydia Frost (Speed River) was second in 2:11.31 and Nadine Frost (Speed River) was third in 2:11.90.

After a slower than scheduled first 2000m of the Men’s 5000m, the top end of the field was still bunched up going into the last 1200m of the race. Hussein Hashi (Central Toronto AC) had the strongest finish and held off Mathew Walters (North Bay Legion) the last 200m of the race to take the victory in 14:18.23. This is Hashi’s second victory in the 2013 Runners’ Choice London Distance Series.  His first victory was at the London 10,000m on May 5, 2013, where he also earned the Ontario 10,000m Championship title. Walters was second in 14:19.03 and Chris Dulhanty (Speed River) was third in 14:22.69. Another highlight was local junior runner Shane Roberts (London Runner) running a 30 second personal best of 15:20.45, just missing the the Canadian Junior 5000m standard of 15:20. 

Full London Distance Classic results are available at the Runners' Choice London Distance Series website. Videos of all races are available on TrackieTV.

The next race for post-secondary London Runner Distance Club athletes is the Windsor Open this weekend, where Elliot de Lange and Ben Procter will compete over 800m, while Stefanie Smith and Shane Roberts will tackle the 1,500m distance.

Trackie Mania is the next Runners’ Choice London Distance Series event, taking place on Sunday June 9, 2013. The events at Trackie Mania will include the 1500m, 3000m and the 4x800m relay and is open to the public.

Monday, May 20 2013 - London Distance Classic Preview

The Runners’ Choice London Distance Series continues tomorrow, May 21, with the London Distance Classic, hosted by the London Runner Distance Club. The 800m and 5,000m events will be contested at TD Waterhouse stadium, starting at 7:20pm with the 800m sections, followed by the 5,000m sections beginning at 8pm.

Thanks to a generous contribution from Martin Dixon and the Millards accounting firm, the top performer in the 5,000m will receive a $500 bonus. The performance must be under 14:00 (men) or 16:00 (women) and there are two local athletes with those exact targets in their sites: Leslie Sexton and Aaron Hendrikx of the London Runner Distance Club. Sexton recently took an impressive win at the Ontario 10,000m Championships at the first RCLDS meet a couple of weeks ago, while Hendrikx is a World Junior Championships competitor over 5,000m

The Mens 5000m will be paced by Mathew Walters (North Bay Legion) at 14:00 pace; with ten athletes seeded under 14:30, look for several athletes using Walters’ pace making to get after fast times. Kyle Boorsma (Speed River) and Aaron Hendrikx are the top two male seeds, both athletes will be aiming to break fourteen minutes for the 5,000m race. The field also includes most of the top men from the London 10,000m, including winner and Ontario Champion Hussein Hashi (Central Toronto AC). The top women will be paced by Adam Stacey (London Runner) and Daryl Blackport at 16 minute pace. Lindsay Carson (Athletics Toronto) and Leslie Sexton are the top seeds; both have a history of great races at these meets, with Carson being one of the first athletes to qualify for a Canadian team from the London Distance Series.

The Mens 800m looks to be a promising field with nine athletes seeded between 1:50.01 and 1:52.00 with top two seeds of Michael Trnkus (Great Toronto Track Club) and Adam Kellar (Speed River); Ben Procter (London Runner) will lead the first lap of the Mens 800m, targetting 53.5. The Womens 800m is led by Celia Peters (Halifast) with a 2:05.24 seedtime and several women following her seeded at or close to 2:10.00.

Admission is free to all London Distance Series meets, which are sponsored by Runners' Choice London. Gates open at 7:00pm and there is plenty of free parking adjacent TD Waterhouse Stadium. Come out and enjoy some fast track races!

Monday, May 6 2013 - London 10,000m Meet Recap

The 8th edition of the London 10,000m (inc. Athletics Ontario 10,000m Championships) proved to be the strongest competition yet, as 7 athletes ran under the Canadian Championships 10,000m qualifying standard, including 2 women under the Francophone games standard. The mens race was exciting throughout, as eventual winner Hussein Hashi (Central Toronto Athletic Club) and bronze medalist Sami Jibril (Athletics Toronto) battled early on, while silver medalist Kyle O'Neill (London Runner) worked his way through the field and almost caught Hashi, who was able to respond strongly to secure the victory.

On the womens side, 2012 Champion Leslie Sexton (London Runner) took gold once again, while taking a full minute off of her time from last year. Kate Harrison (Athletics Toronto) was a very strong silver in 34:02, narrowly missing the World University Games (FISU) qualifying standard of 34:00. Both Sexton and Harrison were well under the Francophone Games qualifying standard of 34:30. Melanie Myrand of McGill Olympic Club placed 3rd on the womens side, while Karen Gilbert-Tyssen (London Runner) took the Ontario bronze medal. Joshua Heuving (London Runner) claimed the Junior Mens title uncontested, while the McGill Olympic Club prevailed in the Team Challenge competition.

Other meet highlights included a World Youth 800m qualifying time of 2:09.96 by Bridget O'Neill and a FISU 1,500m qualifying time of 3:44.99 by Fraser Kegel (Newmarket Huskies).

On Tuesday, May 21st, the London Distance Classic will continue the 2013 Runners' Choice London Distance Series, offering 800m and 5,000m events. In 2012, the London Distance Classic featured the deepest 5,000m race in Canada. All three Ontario 10,000m Mens medalists - Hussein Hashi, Kyle O'Neill, and Sami Jibril - are expected to attend, along with 2012 World Junior 5,000m competitor Aaron Hendrikx (London Runner) and Ontario 10,000m womens champ Leslie Sexton.

Thanks to a generous contribution from Martin Dixon and the Millards accounting firm, the top performer in the 5,000m will receive a $500 bonus. The performance must be under 14:00 (men) or 16:00 (women) and will be determined by comparing the Mercier score, which was produced in conjunction with Athletics Canada.


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